Attract Audience with Good Content Strategy?

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Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery and governance of content, is a map to your most cherished goals. Without it, you’re a rudderless ship sailing into the abyss. Research tells us that those organizations that do have one, and that review it consistently, are more likely to be successful. Most companies are still too focused on campaigns and talking about their products, instead of truly driving value outside the products and services they offer. A well-designed, documented content strategy guides the company’s marketing to meet or exceed its goals.

Content Drives Everything

The customer’s goal is not to find you; it is to find answers. Digital marketing today has two masters: customers and search engines. It’s the delicate dance you do with your content that allows you to serve both. Ultimately, a prospect or customer will know you but in order to be found, the company’s content must rank in search. Content strategy should be the centerpiece of your marketing plan. When content attracts and informs, it compels customers to take the desired actions.

The Story of Your Business Engages Customers

90% of people say they are more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference. Brands can tap into this consumer base through original content and social media. After all, 64% of millennials use social media to address companies about social and environmental issues, and 36% of consumers say they mainly share content to promote the causes they care about. Emotion is the key driver in why we share content. The content strategy discovery process uncovers stories about your business, your employees and your customers that increase brand awareness and engagement.

Customers Do Not Consume in Silence

Customers are social. They socialize while consuming (and deciding to consume) a company’s products and services. Social networks now serve as shopping platforms. Content strategy should include a map of the customer’s journey and clear steps on how to deliver a great experience every step of the way. A solid content strategy should include how you’ll manage your brand’s community. Who will be the voice of your business?

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