Best Online Platforms for Email Marketing

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Everyone is familiar and uses email to send and receive messages and files. But over the years with

advancement in technology, the uses, and services of email have expanded, and there are whole of purposes that are served by email. Email marketing is using the email platform to market your products and services. This activity is made possible by developing a relationship with potential and existing customers and clients. Email marketing is a part of internet marketing which also includes online websites, blogs, and social media.

The emails usually consist of a direct message which is sent to acquire new customers or ask previous customers to purchase a company’s product or service. The two main advantages of using email as ways of promoting your organizations offerings are convenience and cost-effectiveness.


The best thing about ActiveCampaign is the ability to create marketing automation sequences affordably and with ease. For those unfamiliar, marketing automation is the ability to create pre-built sequences of emails that are sent out to people on your list when certain conditions are met.


GetResponse’s pricing is very affordable (and, unlike other services, stays affordable as your list grows). Their platform is easy to use, and importing your lists takes seconds. They have 500+ beautifully-designed email templates (all optimized for mobile), making it easy for beginners to create professional looking newsletters and autoresponders. Their customer support is impeccable.


Their campaign builder makes building campaigns a breeze, even for the total beginner. Importing and exporting your list is also made really easy. Secondly, they’re the only email marketing service to offer a 100% free account. This catches a lot of people out though, as it doesn’t allow you to access many features. If, for example, you want to use autoresponders – you’ll need to upgrade and pay for that.

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