We are experts in marketing strategy and we work with individuals or organisations who want to take their business to the next level through business consultation.

As consultants we work with you to develop a strategy that can be easily implemented, we act as your business coach helping you overcome any hurdles and obstacles. We hold your hand as your company is turned around from the inside out.

We understand that not every business is in the position to employ an agency, so for some consulting is ideal especially for teams or individuals who want a fresh perspective, Meka Marketing fits in seamlessly with existing marketing team structures.

As a Creative Branding and Digital Marketing Agency, we work together with our customers in order to determine their goals, develop a strategic plan to create a way which helps to measure the success rate. We create a roadmap for our client’s digital marketing strategy with informed and comprehensive analytics.

What is Digital Marketing Consultation All About?

Brainstorming about your business?

  1. What is the scope of your business?
  2. Did you size-up your business competition?
  3. Who is Your targeted customer?
  4. What is your marketing plan and why?
  5. How do you measure your success and how?
  6. Is Your Marketing Budget Based on ROI Plan?
  7. What Web Presence in Best for Your Business?
  8. How Should Your Business Be Branded?

Brand Strategy Planning

We believe branding is a complete process of discovering numerous opportunities as well as potential. We design a roadmap for your current and future brand behaviour. We work with you in order to create value for your brand and make the brand stand out from the crowd. Our team also supports all the efforts put by you in your business to ensure that your brand attains an online identity. Meka Marketing refines the brand identification process that helps in strengthening your company’s marketing techniques. Our Brand Strategy includes website designing, logo designing, social media and print media designing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team at Meka Marketing initially gathers information about your business and its nature, based on which a decision can be made about the kind of advertising channels and advertising roadmap to be used. Further, we explore details of your competitors and the marketing tactics used by them in order to devise a plan to give your business a lead over them. Then we use various internet marketing strategies like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing and other paid internet marketing strategies to determine an effective Digital Marketing success.

Organic Growth Strategy

Organic traffic is one of the best traffic sources to convert your traffic into leads and customers. Meka Marketing starts off initially with in-depth keywords research, after which the keywords are implemented to do On-page Optimization. Our Off-page Optimization (Quality Link Building) Strategies like guest posting, content marketing etc. ensure durable Search Ranking results for our clients. We create Social Signals to client website to achieve Keyword Rankings rapidly.

Conversion and ROI Optimization

At Meka Marketing, we create user-friendly landing pages which are irrespective of the device used by the customer that will grant access to great interactive pages. We use some analysis and analytic tools like Crazy Egg, Google Analytics to understand user behavior to create the best performing landing pages and conversion points. We perform AB/BA testing that includes finding out the best-performing ad format, channel, target audience for better ROI.

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