Does Your Company Need Rebranding ?

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Rebrands should be a very rare occurrence for your business as they can distort the public perception of your brand, ruin your identifiability and damage brand equity. Sometimes rebranding is necessary, and it is important to know when this is. There are two types of rebranding, partial and full. Partial rebrands are far more common and can happen gradually over time whereas a full rebrand requires changing the entire brand and therefore should not happen often. If you are wondering whether your company is in need of a rebrand we have the perfect guide for you.

Has Your Target Demographic Changed?

Sometimes a company’s target demographic can change as companies expand. This can mean that a company must rebrand in order to attract the attention of their new chosen demographic. Changes to your target demographic may also mean that your brand story is no longer relevant as it does not resonate with your target audience anymore. If this is the case for your company, then you may require a full rebrand as every aspect of your brand should be centered around your target audience. Once this changes your branding must also change.

Is The Look Of Your Brand Outdated?

Many companies chose to change their logos as a result of them being outdated, an example of this would be when GAP changed their logo in 2010 as they felt it had become outdated. If you feel that the look of your brand has become outdated, then this may call for a partial rebrand. A partial for these purposes may simply involve changing the colour palette and logo of your brand however these are simple steps that may require a lot of work. By changing your colour palette, the colours used on flyers, posters, business cards must also be changed to maintain consistency. A change in the look of your brand to something more contemporary is likely to attract the attention of more potential customers, and increase the public awareness of your brand as you are less likely to fade into the background.

Is Your Brand Memorable?

Branding must be consistent, professional, reflective of your company’s message and most importantly memorable. If your brand is not memorable you require a rebrand, it is impossible to bring in new customers if they cannot remember who you are and what you do. In order to have a memorable brand, you must find a way to differentiate your brand from your competitors. This means that you must identify what makes your brand unique and focus your branding on this aspect. Letting your potential customers know what makes your product or service different to all of your competitors is a sure way to be memorable. As well as identifying your unique selling point, visual marketing through the strategic use of colours, graphics, and logos can make your brand more memorable.

Have Your Services Changed?

As companies evolve so do the products and services they offer. If your products and services have changed enough that their link to your current branding is unclear, then it is time for a rebrand. When rebranding for this reason your company can choose to either do a full or partial rebrand as branding that has a clear and identifiable link to your product or service is integral to the success of your brand. It is not beneficial to have a memorable brand that cannot be linked back to your service as this is likely to confuse your customers and mean that you lose potential sales.

Can You Identify The Problem With Your Brand?

The issues mentioned in this guide are not the only reasons to rebrand. If you can clearly identify issues in your branding then that is definitely a reason to rebrand. However, if the problem you have identified does not have a huge impact on your potential sales, it is a safer option to choose a partial rebrand which can be done gradually over time so that you can see whether it has a positive impact on your revenue. Lastly, it is crucial to inform your customers via email or social media posts that a rebrand is going to commence to limit confusion and ensure that your brand equity is not damaged.

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