Easy Tips to Improve Your SEO Writing Skills

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SEO blogs and articles are a really, really important part of our online PR services and social media management. At Meka Marketing, we write more than forty SEO blogs and articles per week for our clients, and each one helps drive regular traffic to their websites.

Frequently posting fresh content on your site is one of the easiest ways to introduce potential customers or clients to your brand. Of course, you can’t simply throw a bunch of words on a page and expect people to come running. Pro SEO article writing services know that if you build it, they will come, but only if you build it the right way.

Include A Keyword Phrase in Your Title

Amusing and witty tiles may be very fun to write, but titles with keyword phrases bring in the bucks. One of the major goal when it comes to your content writing should be to write for Google and its algorithms. With more than five billion searches done every day, it is the most popular search engine on the Internet. Google gives heavier weight to the title of articles and blog posts. Including keyword phrases in your titles is an easy yet highly effective method to create content writing which ranks higher in search engines.

Write About Something People Care About

Before you set out to do any kind of SEO writing, ask yourself this: who cares? We are not being facetious, here all too often, article writers just pump out content for no real reason, with no real strategy behind it. They forget that actual humans need to want to read this stuff you are not only writing for Google’s algorithms, but you are also writing for people! When you are writing, you should always seek to offer some sort of value to your readers. What can you tell them that no one else can? What service can you provide that’s unique? What knowledge can you share that can’t be found anywhere else?

Target Geo-Specific Key Phrases

Because online markets are becoming progressively crowded, it is important to specialize in order to stand out amongst the crowd. If your client serves a specific geographic area, make sure you use geo-specific key phrases in your content writing. Prospective customers are specific in their online searching and will often want a provider that can offer a product or service near or at their location.

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