How To Deliver A Message To Your Target Audience

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Finding ways to deliver your message to your target audience may be a daunting task however, the first step is understanding your audience.

What You Need To Know About Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience can be done by conducting research on your target market to give you an insight into the marketing methods that attract the most attention, and in turn get the most engagement from your chosen audience. You must also make sure that your message is relevant to your audience and that they are likely to identify with the message you are trying to convey. Another important thing to know about your audience is whether you are delivering your message at the right time and frequency. For example, if your audience is 16-25-year olds it is likely that you will have the most access to this audience via social media. However, if you are trying to deliver your message by posting once a day when your target audience is least active then your message will have little to no reach. Web analytics websites such as Google Analytics are an effective way to gain a better understanding of how your audience uses your website. The trends identified using this data can be applied to all marketing techniques used to optimise engagement with your target audience.


The most traditional and arguably most effective marketing technique is face-to-face marketing. Face-to-face interaction with your target audience allows you to build a rapport with them and builds trust between you and your audience. Face-to-face marketing is an umbrella term for any marketing that takes place with your target audience present. This could be individual presentations, group presentations or networking. This type of interaction with your target audience is often effective as it allows potential customers to have their questions about your message answered and, gives you the opportunity to elaborate on any aspects of your message that may not have been perceived in the way you intended.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone marketing offers many of the same benefits as face-to-face interaction with your audience such as providing an opportunity for a discussion to take place in which queries can be answered. However, it is much harder to build a rapport using telephone marketing as you are unable to use nonverbal communication such as eye contact and body language to encourage your audience to engage with your message and trust what you have to say. Nevertheless, telephone marketing is a very effective way to deliver a message to your target audience provided the market research you have conducted shows that your target audience responds well to this type of marketing.

Written Marketing Techniques

Regardless of your target audience, they are likely to interact with some form of written marketing. Written marketing covers a wide range of marketing techniques such as mail, email, signs, flyers, and websites as well as many others. Understanding how your target demographic engages with each written technique will ensure that you are focusing your energy on delivering your message via the most influential platform. When using written marketing techniques, it is vital that the language you use is in line with the tone of your message and what resonates most with your audience.

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