Ten Tips To Help Small To Medium Enterprises Grow

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Are you a small business seeking to grow? Then marketing is the right place to start. It’s important to know how marketing could help your SME grow. We’ve put together our top tips to help your business reach its full potential.

S.M.A.R.T Objective

Using the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, achievable, Relevant, Time bound) strategy will help you establish your clear goals.  Many companies have used S.M.A.R.T as a tool to create a realistic and meaningful goal to benefit their company.

Identifying what purpose your business serves should be at the top of your list. To find out what sets you apart from the rest of the businesses in your industry, you would need to have a clear idea of what your goals are and where you would like to get to.

How to Market your BusinessDemographics and Audience Profiling

Make sure you have already researched what your audience is like. For example, their age, where they are from and what interests them the most. This is called audience profiling. Knowing this information about your audience will help make the content you market to your audience more relatable and will encourage your audience to engage in the content you put out.

SEO Optimisation

SEO is all about getting your business ranked higher in search engines. When focusing on SEO you must consider factors such as your content quality and meta descriptions. Is your content clear? Is there a high demand for the content your business wants to put out? Have you checked the meta descriptions appearance online?

Social Media Marketing – Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer etc

Marketing yourself through social media is usually aimed at a specific audience. With social media, you will need to find out which social media sites does your audience engage with the most and why. Tools like Hootsuite will help you to manage your social media. Using Hootsuite (or Equivalent) will give you the chance to track and monitor the performance of your posts. Hootsuite also allows you to plan what posts you want to put out during the week. When marketing on social media make sure you are consistent and are always putting out content that your audience can engage with.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is very similar to Social Media Marketing. Using Video Marketing will allow your business to have an increase potential reach. To compete with other businesses, video marketing is advised as 81% of businesses find that using video as marketing tool is beneficial. There will be topics that viewers will engage the most in and will get a positive response. It is important to monitor this when creating new content to put out. Learn which topics viewers like the most and supply them with more to keep them interested.

Email Marketing

Another way to market is through email. However, this would mean that you’d have customer details on your database meaning that it is an existing customer. This is good for keeping your existing customers updated but does not drive new customers in, unless they sign up on the website.

Traditional Marketing

Depending on your business traditional marketing could be another option for you. Referring to advertising though flyers, newspaper adverts or newsletters to get your business out there.

Competitor Advantage

When thinking about how your business is different from the rest, you need to keep in mind that there will be many other businesses out there that have been in the market for a longer period and offering the same service as you.

Finding what is working for your competitors will give you an idea of what you can use for your business. If you can see something that is not giving your competitor a positive response, make sure you take that as a “heads up” to avoid losing the interest of your audience.

Whilst it is great finding out what works and doesn’t work for your competitors, you should always focus on your business as other businesses may attract a different audience than you. So, something which might have had a negative impact on their business might have a positive impact on yours.

Set your Budget

After you have done your research on what audience you’re marketing to and what strategy works best for your business, you should think about your budget. Identify if your business wants to be the cheapest or offer the best quality in your industry or both. After that, you must think about if your investment in your business is going to help you achieve your short term goal.

Stay Motivated

There will be times where the content you put out will have a little or no response, but it is important to learn from it and do not be discouraged.  Learning is one of the biggest parts of the process, and in order to be the business at the top of the industry you must trial and error many methods to figure out what works best for your business.

While there are many marketing methods to consider as a SME, it’s key to design and implement a strategy that is orientated around your audience.  Make sure to invest time into completing market research and getting to know your consumers.

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