Ways to Come Up with More Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas

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Marketing success depends, at least partially, on creative strengths. You may have a logically better project, an objectively lower price, and a measurably longer history than your closest competitor, but if your marketing messages are boring or stale, people aren’t going to give them a second glance. Creativity helps you stand out in a world bombarded with advertising, it helps differentiate you from your competitors, and it makes you more memorable in your customers’ minds.

Read Up on Marketing News

Companies are constantly launching new advertising campaigns, some of which are breaking open the stereotypes and challenging the conventions of the industry. The more you know about these ongoing breakthroughs, the more unconventional ideas you will be able to work into your campaign. That does not mean you should copy these campaigns, but you can draw inspiration from them. For instance, if you hear about a major retailer’s recent guerrilla marketing stunt, you may take that same bravado and apply it to a realm you are a little more familiar with. Do not just limit yourself to your own industry, there is a place for this focus as well.

Get to Know People in Your Target Audience

If you want to be a creative, effective marketer, you need to know your demographics inside and out. To many, that means performing exhaustive, secondary, quantitative research on demographic trends, but this does not give you an accurate perspective on these people. Instead, strive for a more personal approach, see if you can meet and speak with your customers on a personal, maybe even friendly level. You will earn a better understanding of their perspectives, and they might even give you your next creative breakthrough.


Do not put the burden of idea generation entirely on yourself. You may have an entire team of marketing peers in your organization, and even if you do not, you probably have coworkers or mentors who can help you out. You do not need to call in a formal brainstorming session, but do not be afraid to ask around to see if other people have ideas they would like to lend to your future marketing campaigns. You will find most ideas require tweaking or modification, but they will at least give you a working start.

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